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Online slots are called, online slots or black jack and roulette in addition to thirds of the popularity of online casinos.

Since the general idea is to keep really hard, there are 5 major software manufacturers and each of them has about 200 slots on offer, are the Casino Guide presented the latest and most popular.

But what exactly are even slot machines? Every man knows the gambling temples which are in Las Vegas and considered a paradise for every player. Although they differ significantly from the visually related facilities in Germany, but they are based on the same games.

The now become very popular online casinos use the same basis. These form the so-called slots. These casino games are among the simplest and almost anyone can play it. Even if the person has never heard of those games, she is able to play the game. As a result, a large target group is addressed.

Especially popular are online slots with a bonus level, here you can win Free Spins So Free spins, or a second screen as soon as a certain combination it was stop turning the game of online slots and you will see a second screen, here you can select something and then you can win prizes. In the survey are Gambling Guru online slots.

In any case, the goal is to achieve in the game at a slot machine, a certain combination of symbols. But each has its own slot online properties and characteristics. But the basic steps are the same each time slot. If you have a virtual slot machine in front of him, then "throw money" must first be on the button or "Insert Money" button. Subsequently, the insert can be determined.

To this end, the player must choose one of the specified amounts. Most virtual slot machines have a corresponding list on the left side of the playing surface. In the "credit display" the current balance is displayed, making it by the player is checked at any time.

Use the button "Bet Max", the highest amount can be used. This increases both the risk, the tension and the chance to win. The lowest amount may be using the "Bet One" set. This is recommended especially for beginners who want to first get to know this kind of gambling.