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There are The introduction Craps: Basic Rules

Craps is a game that never really exciting to play in a casino. You can tell immediately if a group of players is playing craps every time you hear them shouting and screaming. Here are the basic rules of craps.

We start on the rules where most of the action actually begins, the shooter. The shooter is the player who gets to roll the dice at the craps round. Players take turns being the shooter as the game goes on. The action concerns a lot about what numbers came up.

Since craps game might have a chance of being the shooter. Here are the rules on the handling of the dice. If you get to be the shooter during the turn of craps, please note that you can only store or handle the dice with only one hand. When you roll the dice, make sure you hit the opposite end of the table. If you ever throw the dice off the table should be checked before being allowed on the table. The rules on the handling of the dice interests to avoid cheating.

It is perfectly fine to decline to be a shooter to turn, but you can bet on the new shooter. Now, we go through the next set of craps rules. Each casino game of craps begins with the first roll, which is called the come out roll. Each new game of craps begins with the roll out and a new shooter. We get out to make a new roll in craps only if the shooter fails to provide the current seven to one point. A dice roll in craps is that total to four, five, six, eight, nine and ten.

The next set of business rules with the craps bets that we can do in one turn. Here are some craps bets that we can do. In the first site craps bet is a pass line bet. You win if the dice came to a seven or 11. You lose if it turns up to two, three, or 12. If a point comes up, the dice are rolled again. If the seven comes up first before the point, you lose.

After the bet comes with sign up bonuses for craps. This is pretty much like the pass line, the difference is that you can only make this bet after the point has been made. So how to make an additional bet craps. Place bets can only be done after the point is made in craps. You bet on four, five, six, eight, nine and ten. You win if your number comes up before a seven.

Craps is a pretty exciting casino game. You may feel overwhelmed if the action playing for the first time. What we have mentioned will help you through your first craps games.